Peace be upon you.

Well, its 15 of April. im not counting the days, but it happen to be my university life will ended soon,
less than a month - if Allah willing ameen. my last exam would be on may 10. and till today, i keep saying the same thing over and over. "time flies very fast". 

to do things you never like at the first place really is a pain. but to do nothing about that was doubled. after graduation, i guess my life would be totally different. working life will coming through, like it or not.

(i hope working in tm is nothing like this T_T)

huhu. well, lets think positively. 23rd of august we all graduate in cyberjaya campus, congrats each other.. and then happily working. voila !

i will happily working
i will happily working
i will happily working

inshaaAllah ameen


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